Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekly "Avoid the Freshman 15" Tips

  1. Every time you pass a water fountain drink from it.  This will keep you hydrated and full throughout the day.  It will also curb cravings for other thirst quenchers like soda and sugary bottled drinks. 
  2. Establish a "Plan B" for the days after a calorie-fest.  For example, if you and your friends had a late night run to Wendy's, plan on filling up on veggies, protein, and water the next day.
  3. Swap lattes for coffee with skim milk every other time.
  4. Crush up candy, such as M&Ms, and mix it in with nuts and granola, so you still taste the candy in every bite, but there is more nutrition and more quantity. 
  5. Make your sandwiches with whole grain bread at the cafeteria instead of white bread. 

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