Thursday, October 6, 2011

Food Flashsnack: the 90's

Food serves as an innate trigger of memories.  Sometimes just walking down a grocery aisle I will be reminded of people, places, and times of my life.  This is why everyone is so nostalgic for the food they grew up with.  For us university students, the 90's were all about running down grocery aisles, begging for gushers, grimacing at string cheese, and sniffing out the most sugary snacks with the rigor of a police dog.  Although I cringe when I think of the chemicals, dyes, and SUGAR I ate in the 90's, I miss those snacks.  So now that college is here and we can do our own grocery shopping why not pick a couple flashback snacks, "Flashsnacks if you will... the ones that are still with us :'(
Lucky Charms... still golden

You thought this was made from oranges, admit it!

An actual healthy option that has not gone away

You can order these on amazon!!! insanity!

A healthier, modern version of the old fruit snack favorites (Scooby snacks, gushers etc.)

I remember when EasyMac came out and I thought it was a scientific revolution... I'm old :))

These sound SO gross to me now! (but I loved them)

Your turn to bring drinks to the sports game? CAPRISUN MOM! 

I saw these advertised in a RETRO 90's Candy basket. .. I don't know why my emotion was anger, but these can't be retro yet!

Actually surprisingly healthy as far as snack time munchies go.

They are trying SO hard to make these sound healthy to 21st century mothers.  Look at the nutrition box on the front!

New flavor but still the old poptarts:)

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